Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 8, Quarter 4



Wednesday, we will complete our final test for 5th grade which is Science! Yay!!

You should have all received an email from Mrs. Mori last week regarding what will be going on Wednesday after the test:) If you didn't receive the email please let me know and I will forward it to you!

This week: 

Monday: We will work on completing our projects of the Native American Museum Displays. (Presentations on Thursday afternoon). Students will go to Math at normal time. The River Wranglers will come to our classroom in the afternoon to wrap up our field trip from last week.

Tuesday: Projects need to be completed today and students will go to Math as normal schedule.

Wednesday: Science test in the morning! We will wrap up projects if we have time. Please refer to Mrs. Mori's email in regards to the rest of our day on Wednesday. There are a few specific instructions that we need you to read over BEFORE Wednesday  :)

Thursday: We will go to the view the middle school projects. The middle schoolers are also creating museum displays, but theirs are on WW2. We want students to see what will be expected of them in middle school, Students will then come back and make any changes they feel they should make and get ready to present. They will go to Math as scheduled Thursday as well.

Thursday, May 18, @ 2:30- We will be presenting our Native American Museum Displays in the cafeteria! We are inviting ALL parents and we will be inviting other students as well. We hope to see ALL of you there! 

I hope you ALL have a fantastic week!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 7, Quarter 4


Testing Days for the Week (only 3 more to go..2 this week and 1 Science test next week)

Tuesday (May 9th) and Thursday(May 11th) ELA Part 1 and 2

Thank you to all who have signed up for snacks this week:)

To SUM UP OUR WEEK: We will be practicing for SBAC, reviewing Science and working on our Native American Museum Displays.

We are going on another walking field trip to the Carson River on Wednesday. We will be walking down Venturacci and across Coleman Rd. We will leave around 9:15am and should be back around 1:00pm. We will be learning about "Conserving the Carson River." Hotdogs, apples, and chips will be served for lunch. Please have your child pay attention to the weather that day so they can dress accordingly. 

They have asked that your child bring the following: 
-a small backpack
-a refillable water bottle(no plastic)

Some other suggestions:
-mosquito spray

Please let me know if you have any questions:)

I hope you all Have a GrEaT week!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Quarter 4, Week 6

Only 4 weeks left!!

Testing Days this week: Tuesday and Thursday SBAC Math Part 1 and Part 2.
Thank you to those of you who are sending in snacks for testing, we really appreciate it! There still are a few openings to sign up for snacks if you want to :)

In between testing: We will continue to practice for SBAC and work on our Native American Museum Displays.

Just an FYI: On Wednesday, May 10th, we get to take another field trip! We will walk to the Carson River (on the other side of Coleman Rd) and spend the morning learning about how we can "Conserve the Carson River." I will send more details as this gets closer.

I hope everyone has a GREAT week!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quarter 4, Week 5

Testing starts this week for us on Wednesday......

On Monday, we walked to the museum to kick off our new project. The kiddos are studying Native American Tribes and will be creating their very own museum display. Thank you to my Mrs. Kelsey and Mrs. Miller for walking over and back with us! Also, thank you for sharing pictures with me:)

To sum up our week:  We have two tests this week. The ELA ACT is tomorrow(Wed) and the Math/Science ACT is on Thursday. Please make sure that your kiddos have their own headphones. Also, thank you to those of you who have signed up for the snacks:)

In between testing: We will be practicing for SBAC and starting our new project. This is a BIG project and we only have a short amount of time in between testing to get it done.

Reminder: Don't forget our presentations this Thursday from 2:15-3:15 in our classroom. Students will be sharing their Wonder presentations and their very own owner's manuals. We hope to see you all there!

Here are some pics from the museum...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 4, Quarter 4

Writing: We will continue with the owner's manuals, these will be due on Thursday.

Projects: We will present the erosion projects tomorrow (Tuesday). We will start a new economics project on Wednesday where the students will learn how to write a check and use a check register.

4th Grade Writing: We will finish our informative paper for our state writing assessment practice. We will then practice and review language standards with IXL. Students will then practice their inferencing skills with reading different passages and answering questions.

Reading: We will continue working on our Wonder movie trailer where the students are focusing on changing the mood and the tone. We will record these on Thursday. Students will also finish study jams this week.

Testing is starting NEXT WEEK.. We will test on the following days..
4/26/2017 (Wed)
4/27/2017 (Thurs)
5/2/2017 (Tuesday)
5/4/2017 (Thursday)
5/9/2017 (Tuesday)
5/11/2017 (Thursday)
5/17/2017 (Wednesday)

 I will send out an additional email if you would like to sign up to bring snacks in on one of these days. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 3, Quarter 4

5th Grade Writing: We are working on making an owner's manual about ourselves! This will give the students a chance to be creative and have some fun with their Writing.

Projects:Students will continue on with their projects on erosion.

4th Grade Writing: Students are working on their last practice test for the state assessments. This paper is an informative paper.

Reading: I am continuing on assessing the students. Students will be finishing study jams, working on IXL review, and also working on their movie trailer for Wonder, where they are focusing on having to change the mood and tone of the actual book. They have all come up with some great ideas!

Just a Reminder: The following days are when your child will be testing. We encourage your child not to miss these days. I will send more info about testing as it gets closer. 


I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 1, Quarter 4

I can't believe we are in the 4th quarter already!

Writing: We will continue to practice for the state testing with writing an informative paper about living at the South Pole.

Projects: Students will learn about the different types of erosion and pick from a menu of how they want to present it to the class.

4th Grade Writing: We will continue to practice for the state testing.

Reading: We will prepare for the Student Led Conferences and work on our Precepts from Wonder. 

Auctions: Will take place this week because we only were able to have them a couple times before spring break.

Below is the information for conferences, looking forward to seeing you all on Friday:)

Student-Led Conference Information

Dear 5th Grade Family,

Our class has been working hard this year on personal responsibility, work ethic and building community through our academic achievements.  As parent-teacher conference time approaches, I would like to implement a student-led style of conferencing.  Your child will take you through their achievements, difficulties, reflections and goals. I will be in the room as an observer, but not leading the traditional conference.

Their report cards will be available on this day as well.  Your child will go through their report card with you, as well as other work we have gathered.

These conferences will take place on the following day:
Friday, March 31. (Time- 7:30am-3:30pm)
There is NO set schedule; you may come in at any time mentioned above, unannounced, at your convenience.  Each conference will take about 20 minutes.  If you feel that you would like a separate conference with me after your child has presented their packet, I will have a signup sheet.  Those conferences will be held at a later date.

I am excited to watch them take control of, and be responsible for, their conferences and work.  They have made so much growth this year.  Their reflections are meaningful and their achievement has strengthened their confidence and self esteem.  I look forward to seeing you
As always, if you need to contact me, I am available!

Thank You,

Jenna McElhannon